Gun Cases Seeking Guns

I have several gun cases awaiting their original guns to re-unite both case and gun. Please get in touch if any of the following numbers match up

Boss & Co.

Percussion guns nos. 812/813

Percussion guns nos. 1054/55

Pinfire gun no. 1818

Pinfire gun no. 2165

Pinfire gun no. 2425

Pinfire gun no. 2475

Pinfire gun no. 2856

Pinfire gun no. 2945

Centre-fire gun no. 3676

James Purdey & Sons

Percussion rifle no. 3359

Percussion guns (converted to centre-fire) nos. 4236/7

Hammer guns nos. 8045/46

Westley Richards

Percussion gun no. 5154

John Manton

I am searching for single percussion John Manton gun no. 3582